Friday, March 5, 2010

And He Ran Away To Joined The Circus

I have spoken often of the plethora of famous people that hale for my part of Michigan. . .as nauseum.  There are, however, several people from the northern Illinois  area who have gone on to become famous as well.  There's Joan Allen, Michele Williams of TLC, William Katz and of course THE Jason Zulauf.  Who?  You know, the kid who ran away with the circus?

A few years ago Dave came home from work with a story about a co-worker's kid.  This kid had been a champion diver and gymnast in Sterling and was recognized by some pretty impressive people.  But, as Dave tells the story, . . ."Jason up and joined the circus at 16." 

"And his parents were OK with this?" I ask incredulously.
"I guess so, Zulauf was talking about it today.  Said they pay him pretty well and pay for his housing.  I guess it's pretty well known. "
I imagined Jason as one of the flying trapeze guys - living in a small trailer behond the elephants and really, I wondered what in the world his parents were thinking.  The circus?  I am a former carnie ( another article altogether!) and I know there are just too many diseases you can catch on the road with, well, clowns.  But who I am to judge?  My parents let me work in carnivals one summer.

Months - maybe years pass and Dave again comes home and says, "Remember when I told you about Jason Zulauf joining the circus?  Well, they are coming back to the states to open a show here. "

Hmmmmm, I think.  A circus that has been traveling out of the country.  A well known circus.  They pay well.  I can add 2+2+2 and get 6 so I ask, "What is the name of this circus?"

"I dunno, " Dave shrugs, "something foreign I think."

"Something foreign like Cirque du Soliel by any chance?"  I ask.
He snaps his fingers, "Yeah, that's it!"
"And they are opening a permanent show in Las Vegas, right?"
"Yeah," Dave says, "How do you know?"
BECAUSE IT'S FREAKIN CIRQUE DU SOLIEL not some rinky dink traveling circus.  Homer Simpson forehead slap and required, "DOH!"

So Jason is one of the leads in "Ka" in Vegas and we are headed there this weekend to see the show.  Afterward, we are meeting Jason and he is giving us a back stage tour.  I don't want to be a name dropper - Tom Cruise - but many celebrities attend the later show and go back stage afterward to meet the performers.  I'm not saying that all those celebs will be clamoring to have their pictures taken with me, but rest assured, I will be lurking in the background of any and all photos where celebrities gather so look for me on E!  Or not. 

I'm off to the circus!

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