Thursday, January 20, 2011

Laughter All Around

Normally, on any given day, I make myself the butt of a good joke or funny story, that's just how it always seems to come out.  However, it would be unfair of me to steal all of that dubious thunder, without acknowledging the natural comic talent all around me.

Over the years, I have had opportunity to witness some of the funniest schtuff tumble out of the mouth of the people around me.  Just last week, I had the opportunity to drive my Younger Son and a female friend of his to the train station (they were headed to Chicago.)   Female friend was sitting in the back seat chattering away about, oh everything, including some of the things she has done while away at school.  And amidst the parties and classes and roommate issues came this gem:

Female Friend - Oh My Lord!  You would not believe how irritating people can be.  How Rude they can be - especially theater people.   I was sitting at the "Glee" (as in the show) auditions waiting for my turn and without provocation, the guy next to me starts to sing this song - REALLY  loud.  And then, all of these other people spontaneously join in and they're all singing like they are already on the show.  One person would start a song and then everyone would join in.  I actually had to go out into the hall to have a conversation on my cell phone. Where did they think they were?

I looked at Youngest Son.  He smiled and said, "yeah, she really just said that."

My friend, Erstwhile Earthmother Kim and her spouse, the Great Dane are known for "their" song.  Whenever we are all together, the Great Dane will somehow get "Love Shack" to be played by whatever band, Dj or Jukebox is around.  The last time, the band mentioned that they also loved the B-52's (the song's artists) and Erstwhile Earthmother Kim looked at me and said, "Is that the name of the band?  I always thought that was the song number on the jukebox!"

My Older Son has a friend who is the King of mashed up unintentional one liners. I have come to call these pearls Cameronisms.  I'll just leave you with a few and let them sink in.

"I found a new allergy drug.  It really knocks you up."

"I want to study a broad.  Who wouldn't?"

After a discussion about males finding their feminine side:
"Yeah, I like to touch my manhood"

In a college class at the chalkboard describing a business problem, he wrote:

. . .and that would leave 79 younits in stock.

Upon getting a part in "Seven Brides for Severn Brother's"-
"They cast me as a "suitor" in the play!  I can't wait to take those girl's measurements!"
(umm. . .a suitor is NOT a tailor, or a seamstress!)

When you are surrounded by that kind of comic genius, you really can't go wrong.

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