Monday, June 8, 2009

Life In My Nutshell

It's time. I've finally bowed to the digital age. I have an ipod. I own 2 laptops ( one is a netbook for travel), I use a digital camera and a cell phone. I know how to text. I have my own Facebook page and an online shop to sell my wares. I am connected in ways I never imagined were possible. But the final move, the one thing I had not attempted, the step I never thought about taking. . . until now, was blogging.Quite frankly, I don't care for the word. I know it has morphed from the phrase "web log" ergo, "Blog" but it sounds so, well, dull. Blog. Blah. And it makes me wonder who would ever read such a thing. I know the next step is to announce my blog to all of my personal and business world ( and I will) in hopes that they will take a peek, get a chuckle, and tell a friend. And so on, and so on - just like that old hair color commercial whose product name I don't remember but slogan I apparently do. So, here we go. The life in my nutshell will offer respite from your busy world. A moment to laugh and realize that perhaps we are all a little nuts.I could not end this without a shameless plug. My passion is writing, but when the words do not come easily, my outlet is art. I recently opened an online shop at should you be in the market for a unique gift. Check it out when you have a moment. And please, feel free to leave me a comment at any time.


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  2. which netbook do you have and do you like it? Don't you just love the thing I choose to question? LOL


  3. I have an Asus eee 900 HA. I love it. The keyboard is small but it has a huge memory, works fast and is easy to tote around. I use the big laptop as the workhorse -- for editing books and such. : )