Friday, June 26, 2009

The Skinny On My Reflection

A long time ago, I saw Elizabeth Taylor being interviewed after losing a massive amount of weight. I believe it was just after her split from Virginia Govenor John Warner. She was looking fabulous in a sequined evening gown, violet eyes and dangling diamond earrings. Elizabeth Taylor ruled that interview until she was asked about her weight and recent weight loss. The question was, what made you decide to drop all of those pounds. Her answer caught me off guard. "Because, I caught an accidental and unfortunate glimpse of myself in the mirror." I understood what she was saying completely. A reflection of ones self when you least expect it can be frightening to say the least. I know because it happened to me.

I mean, I am aware of exactly what I should be wearing, what angle I should look at and when it should be done ( upon leaving the house, the ladies room and the locker room.) It's those moments when you aren't looking that you really see. And so it was when I was walking through the ice cream section ( sale on Edy's Slow Churned!!) I went to open the freezer case door and saw a large neck, 2 chins and a frown looking back. A longer survey elicted me to gasp outloud, "My God! Who put that ass on my butt?" It was a mortifying moment. It was also a motivating moment. It was October 6 of 2008.

Today, I had to run to the bank. I entered through the main doors and approached the desk that sits right in front of the glass doors that block the safe deposit box's. I signed in, looked up and saw someone looking back from the glass door reflection. I was mesmerized. This person had a defined jaw line, a slender neck, and a smile. I was so taken with the reflection that I was a little miffed that the lady at the desk stood up and blocked my view. Dang! That reflection was me and it didn't look so bad. I even liked it.

I still wonder how in the world that ass attached itself to my butt, but I am more amazed my reflection didn't trigger shame. Maybe I should get a job at the bank, afterall, they do have good reflective glass and that is as good a reason as any to seek employment there, no?

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  1. Reflections can sometimes surprise us...good and bad. On a good day, they fill us with satisfaction and on a bad one, wonder of how this happened. Iam glad to say on my trip to Maine, I saw my jawline in the side mirror as I sat and refrained from all the horrid snacking going on in the car. Not too bad...I can see it!! Lobster, butter, fried clams, fresh doughnuts...I am unsure if the ride home after three weeks will give me the same satisfaction. Love ya.