Tuesday, June 15, 2010

And So it Goes

Years ago I wrote for several local and national publications: freelance, which was a pretty interesting gig when the content was cool, but most of the time my subjects were marketing and nuclear power.  The very thought of that dry subject matter sends me screaming to to faucet for water or ok, to the nearest bar for a nice cold beer.  So it used to make me laugh when, after receiving one of my screamingly hysterical Christmas Newsletters people who have known me forever would respond with, "You should be a writer."  Had they not read my article on Boiling Water Reactors or End Cap Marketing??  Sheesh.

When my kids were very little, I wrote a book prior to one of our beach vacations that set up a real life treasure hunt in an effort to make the trip magical.  And it did, but it didn't stand up to the dead man in a kayak that was found just off the shore from our house.  Now that was really cool.  Years later, my children have suggested I publish that book.  And I have thought about it too.

Last Christmas, my youngest listened while I pontificated on the importance of following ones passion.  He listened, nodded his head and then basically told me to put my money where my mouth is.  I hate it when teens are so damn smart.

And so, I am following my own advice as fed to me by my own child.  I am publishing a book.  A compilation of my blogs both already published and of those yet to be published.  I mean why not exploit what  I can, right?

I will make the information available as soon as I have it. In the mean time, excuse me while I put my hands on my hips and stick my tongue out at my kid.  So there!

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