Saturday, July 17, 2010

Now I've Gone and Done It

You talk the talk, but now you gotta walk the walk.

Words from my teenager after a motherly pontification about following one's passion.  And I knew what he was talking about.  I've heard it from others too, I've just never trusted myself to actually take that step and walk that walk without hiding behind my favorite phrase, "I just threw it together," which allows me to make excuses for imperfections.

Faced with my teenager's words I followed with a promise that, " Yes, I would do it this time," followed with a pit in the stomach and not a small hope that he would forget.  Except that child does not forget.

I have a lot of book worthy material, I even have a few actual books.  And. . .I have this blog.  I'm not sure when I had my Oprah "Aha" moment.  I'd like to tell you it was while contemplating a fix to the BP leak, or writing a treatise on a second shooter on the grassy knoll but, I think it came somewhere into my third glass of wine at a patio party in California.  Someone asked me what I do, and I replied, "Well, I'm working a on book," and then KNOWING I had to follow up with what the book was about, I continued, "based on a blog I write."  And there it was!

That moment solved several problems at once for me.  It gave me a focus, it gave me material from which to begin and it gave me legitimacy for my favorite phrase, "I just threw it together."  Ok, so I didn't really throw it together, but I did have a lot of ready made material in which to start.

"Is It Just Me? Or Is Everyone a Little Nuts" is a compilation of stories, some of which I have taken from here and some that are new, that will hopefully bring humor to the most mundane moments in life.

If all goes well, my book should be available in September.  I'll keep you posted but feel free to visit my website: anytime day or night and ALWAYS feel free to share it with friends!

And to my son?  Na Nana Boo Boo.

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