Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Don't

I'm going to risk irritating a lot of women here.  Tomorrow is Valentine' Day, the day set aside to show your spouse, partner, lover, crush just how much you really love them.  It's a day that involves lots of red hearts, cards, candy, special dinners and chocolate treats (ok, not a bad thing).  It is so entrenched in our society that even first graders know the importance of this day and spend time creating their own pink, purple and red mail boxes in anticipation of receiving handfuls of small printed "cards" with their classmates names on the back.

Valentine's Day?  I'm not a fan.

I know, you already think I am party pooper, right?  I despise going to the store and spending a ridiculous amount of  money on a card that, in our house, will be thrown away by the end of the week.  I don't need a card to remind Moondoggy that I love "Us" - if  I haven't made that clear by now, we would be in marriage free fall.  I sure as heck don't want him to go out and spend money on candy (I don't need it), we already dine out more than we should, and that $5 on a card would be better spent elsewhere.  Moondoggy is off the hook in our house.

We will wish each other a Happy Valentine's Day in the morning.  He will leave for work.  I will get chicken out for dinner.  That about does it.  We don't need to set aside a special day to proclaim our love.  At this point, that kind of holiday seems silly.

Now Mother's Day?  That's a different story.  And in case you are wondering, about 90 shopping days left.


  1. I agee 100%, Valentines Day is just another day that the greeting card companies made up so they can make money. The most I've ever done on days like this is write a poem.
    I tell my wife I love her a few times a day, (if I don't she will beat me up) and today is no different.

  2. I didn't even mention the whole contrived romance thing. Seriously, if you want to make the romantic acts work for you and avoid being suspect, do the unexpected lovely stuff on some other day entirely. Now that will earn you street cred.

  3. Judi, I couldn't agree more. I remember working in an office once where there was an outright competition between the women as to who got the bigger and more expensive flower arrangement on Valentine's Day. Please, lets give the guys a break!