Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Other People's Swag

Day Two of the Summer Splash Blog Hop! 

Several years ago ( ok, over a decade ago but who is counting?), I put together a recipe collection of meals my family has enjoyed while vacationing at Sandbridge Beach.  I had everyone contribute their favorite recipes and, along with my anecdotes, and pictures, compiled them into a book.  There is only one copy remaining-- the prototype, and I am offering this personal book as a prize on my blog.  So. . . enter in the rafflecopter box at right.  YOU might win this coveted (and sometimes embarrassing) keepsake!

 A swag bag of stuff, a book mark and a whole series of books is available from Olivia Hardin.
THE eBook of YOUR CHOICE is available through R.G. Porter.
Marsha A. Moore if offering her whole series from the Enchanted Bookstore Legends!  A whole series!
A $25 Amazon gift card and an ebook copy of his latest biomed thriller?  Just leave a comment on Alan Nayes blog.  
Cheryl Bradshaw is giving away five boxed sets of her Sloane Monroe series.  PLUS - gourmet cookies and chocolate.
Julia Crane has a Young Adult series and is giving away copies on her blog.  AND, you may even win a Moonstone necklace.
If you enjoy fantasy, check out M. Edward McNally.  He is giving ebook editions of his series.  Simply go to his blog and leave a comment!
It gets better (I KNOW, hard to believe, right?)  G.R. Yeates is not only giving away his series, he is offering the opportunity to choose a title or have a character named after you.
Her blog is called "License to Thrill" and she has written some great books. Diana Capri is offering up a ton of books!  Several sets as well as 3 opportunities to name characters.  
Guardians of the Word, an epic fantasy series is available from Jolea M. Harrison but, even cooler. . .she is giving away a few Dragon Orb necklaces and a dragon statue.  
Don't forget to take all of the opportunities to win my prized as well.  Just fill out the Rafflecopter form on the right.  EASY!
Stop back often to see what other fabulous authors are hoping you will hop into the waves and splash a little!  

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